Update September 5th, 2019

About 7 years ago Gideon and I reconnected and kicked off this great adventure to build cool new hardware for the Amiga. We vowed to be better than all the other vaporware in the amiga history and create something cool. Unfortunately I failed. At the time of creating the prototype (which stirred a lot of comments on nearly everything) I got a new job that consumed all of my available time and some things happened in my personal life that upset nearly everything. Gideon plowed along on the design and PCBs but I was not able to support him on that, and the software part (my part) stalled, and then stopped. I always thought I would revisit the project at some point - but to be honest, I'd rather spend some time with Gideon as a friend - talk about life and our challenges in it - I've not been very good at that in the last years

With all the new cool stuff coming out by Lukas now (check out the awesome ZZ9000) I'm officially declaring the UltimatePPC the best project ever that did not make it past the prototype phase. I'll see what I can and will do with the boards we have, maybe they will go to Folkert for the future Amiga museum. As for all the other work, it might end up in another project someday. Who knows. Now I want to go back to being an Amiga-enthusiast and being Gideon's friend. Feel free to reach out! BR, Rutger

Welcome to the official website of the UltimatePPC!

The UltimatePPC is a multi-function CPU card for the Commodore Amiga 3000 and 4000 series computers and plugs into the CPU slot.

Our press release of May 22nd, 2012: AMIGA MEETS GIGAHERTZ

Gideon Zweijtzer (of 1541-Ultimate fame) and Rutger Bevaart have teamed up to bring renewed innovation to the Classical Amiga by announcing the UltimatePPC today, the ultimate CPU expansion card for the Amiga 3000 & 4000. This new card will bring unparalleled performance and many great new features to the Amiga series of computers that were not available previously and give current users a viable upgrade path for aging components. It also opens new possibilities for newer versions of the Amiga Operating System or alternatives to run on your classic hardware with great performance. The UltimatePPC puts your Amiga right back on your desk as the most versatile and fun computer that has ever existed!

Right now the UltimatePPC is in active development, we expect to be able to take pre-orders at the end of 2012. Please visit our project website at http://ultimateppc.nl for availability information, specifications and detailed status reports.

Gideon & Rutger

Project Status

This is where we try to keep everybody informed on the project status!

update January 2nd, 2015

Happy 2015 from the UltimatePPC team!

We hope 2015 will bring you all many good things. We have been very preoccupied the last year or so with things in our personal life... This led to a "pause" in the development of our uppc project. But! We have restarted our efforts to get a working demo ready before the Amiga30 event in the Netherlands this summer!

update January 7th, 2013

Happy 2013 from the UltimatePPC team!

We wish you all a very happy 2013! The UltimatePPC is not finished yet but we are working on an update to share with you all, stay tuned...

update July 13th, 2012

Happy Holidays from the UltimatePPC team!

As we are nearing the summer holidays it is time for a quick status update from our side. The last few months have been hectic as both Gideon and myself have been extremely busy with personal affairs besides trying to advance the UltimatePPC project. As we have the prototype boards in our hands we have been actively working on booting a basic kernel on the PowerPC core and interfacing the board to the Amiga bus. Parallel we are starting the software development side of things, with WarpOS support being worked on - as well as first contact with Hyperion regarding AmigaOS4 support.

We also keep an eye on feedback from the community and are evaluating the choice made for the P1013 CPU.We knew that the FPU in this processor is incompatible with the ones found on older PowerPC boards. Our original plan to fix these incompatibilities in software turns out to have more impact that we had foreseen. For this reason, we will reconsider the choice of PowerPC CPU, while continuing the development work of other important stuff on the current prototype.

So what's next? First we'll take a few weeks off for holidays and time with family. Somewhere in August we get together again… Expect a new update end of August! Happy holidays!

Contact us

Right now it is impossible for us to respond to every single email. If you want to get in touch with us because you want to contribute driver code, please send us an email at contact at ultimate ppc dot nl. We will try to get back to you. For all other questions please use the public Amiga fora. We will try to monitor the following two fora when we have some spare time!