Early 2011 Gideon and Rutger ran into each other after more than 10 years. Stories of life, love, sadness and joy were shared and when the subject of work came along an idea was born, the idea that we can create a revolutionary product for a platform we all love, the Amiga. Wouldn't it be great to have a CPU card for your big box Amiga built on modern components? To add new functions and features to your machine without scouting eBay day and night praying for a low-cost victory on scarce and wanted expansion cards?

That is when the idea for the UltimatePPC was born!

After discussing the needed functionality and complexity of a board like this we agreed on a list of needed features and started scouting for the required parts. When the specifications were agreed upon and the design was partly ready, we changed it halfway through until we were happy with it. That is still the current version we're working on.